One minute speech at PMP
About my most unforgettable person.
I have many unforgettable people in my life. Tonight I'd like to talk about my most unforgettable figure. She is my grandmother, my mom's mother. Of course she already passed away.

私の人生で たくさんの忘れられない人々がいますが、最も忘れられない人、もう他界してますが母方の祖母について話します。

When I was a child my father used to take me to my grandmother's house. One day, my father lost his money on the way to my grandmother's place. At that period, almost everyone was very poor because of World War II.
子供の頃 父はよく祖母の家に連れて行ってくれました。 ある日 父は途中でお金を落としてしまいました。 その頃は敗戦の後で貧しい人々が溢れてました。
My father was very depressed. When we arrived at grandmother's home, my father told her about it. The instant she heard the story, she said "Oh, don't worry, be happy! You did rather good thing. The person who picked up your money will use the money usefully."
父はガックリして その事を祖母に告げると 祖母は心配ないよ、拾った人はそのお金をきっと有効に使うだろうからとなぐさめてくれました。

Anyway, my father and I felt relief at her words. She was always positive, and I can't forget her words.

父と私は その言葉を聞いてほんとうにホッとしました。 祖母はいつもプラス思考の人でした。

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